MicroWOOD® veneer distinguishes itself from other veneers by the fact that they are almost as thin as a sheet of paper,printable and most of all that it is highly flexible!

Everything, starting with peeling of the tree till ready made products, is 70% handmade.(Made in Belgium - Liedekerke)

More important is, that our Micro Veneer process uses no water and no chemicals during the production, compared to the paper making process.

MicroWOOD® is 1/10 mm "thick", so also compared to other traditional woodprocesses we have less losts of the wood (till 80%) then they do.

Tree Origin :

Maple : Europe
Beech : Europe
Cherry : America
Bossé/Cedar : Africa
Mansonia : Africa
Walnut : America
Red Gum : America

* Our veneers are natural products and come out of well managed forests.
* Every piece is UNIQUE with it´s own individual grainstructure, surface and colorpattern.
* The laserengraving and printing on the wood will be as unique as the wood itself, this is because of the
indiviual grainstructure and colorpattern of the veneer.
* It is REAL WOOD and no fake imitation.
* We don´t use any kind of chemicals during our production.
* MicroWOOD® is thin, but though highly FLEXIBLE.
* The products have a thickness of 0,4 mm

As we all know,wood has a natural beauty that makes it perfect for a variety of uses.
Our collection contains for example : real wooden envelopes - business - greetings cards, lampshades and lightings, folders,bookcovers, give-aways, scrapbook items, Apple accesoires with a self-adhesive backing (removable without traces)...

The possibilities are endless with this veneer. It's used worldwide and with great succes by : bookbinders,design and communication agencies, packaging and food industry, scrapbookers, printers, publishers, architects, car industry etc.

Thickness of MicroWOOD® Double-Sided ca. 320- 400 gr/m²

Maple: 0.40 – 0.45 mm / +/- 380 gr/m²
Beech : 0.45 – 0.50 mm / +/- 410 gr/m²
Cherry : 0.45- 0.50 mm / +/- 370 gr/m²
Bossé : 0.45 – 0.50 mm / +/- 420 gr/m²
Beech Quartier : 0.45 - 0.50 mm / +/- 420 gr/m² - sold out
Mansonia : 0.45 – 0.50 mm / +/- 390 gr/m²
Walnut : 0.50 – 0.55 mm / +/- 420 gr/m²

- Personalisations :

"Made Just For You"

We have the possibility to deliver ready made products on your demand, because with our printer and laser,
every project, small or big, can be done here intern with the most care.

We make for example : Business Cards, Invitations for weddings (whole concepts), Invitations for company's,
Wishcards for Birthday, Printed Christmas Cards...etc. Creativity has no limits with our veneer.

Ask for your own "made just for you" project :
or call us from Monday-Friday from 8 a.m till 16 p.m
+32/(0) 53 66 77 55

Questions or information requests can be send to us on our contactpage.
We'll be pleased to help you in English, German, Dutch and French.